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AcquireTM Video Interviewing

AcquireTM offers a fully integrated video interviewing platform, making it easy to screen, view, rate, and share video interviews. This makes the interview process, faster, easier and more effective. Conduct video interviewing and connect with candidates at any time and from any location. Save time and money and find the best candidate for the job.

One-Way Video Interview
Streamline your interviewing by enabling candidates to answer your interview questions on their own time. It’s convenient for them and incredibly insightful for you. Most customers use one-way video interviews as a replacement to the early-round phone screen.

Live Video Interview
Expand your talent pool by connecting face-to-face with candidates no matter where they are located. These cloud-based video interviews are automatically recorded and available for you to refer back to at any time 24/7.

Video interviewing gives you the opportunity to see and hear candidates. This lets candidates share who they are, demonstrate their talents, and answer questions you pose.

With video screening and interviewing you gain a deeper insight into personalities and abilities. Make a more informed decision based on qualitative data that may not be apparent on a candidate’s resume, or gleaned during a phone conversation.

A video interview gives you a complete view of a potential candidate, giving you the ability to make better hiring decisions, faster.