AcquireTM’s OPENdoor Simplifies Employee Onboarding

From Applicants to Employees

Transitioning an applicant to a new employee is a click away. Select hire from the applicant record and OPENdoor gets to work using your defined workflows to manage the onboarding process. Your new employee will automatically receive an email welcoming them into the organization and directing them to the new hire web portal where they can get started with the employee onboarding process.  All of the necessary forms that need to completed, and documents that need to be reviewed and signed, are available.

Manage and track the entire process right out of your new employee’s record. At a glance you can quickly see what has been done and what may still be outstanding. Review any of the completed forms, and if necessary, re-issue forms back to an employee if a correction is needed.

Assign and track any of the internal tasks that may need to get done, to ensure that your new employee has everything thing they need for a successful start. For example, having purchasing order equipment or having IT get their login and email set up. Create automated follow ups and/or escalations for important or time sensitive forms or tasks.

  • User definable workflows
  • Unlimited forms and documents
  • Selectable onboarding packages and workflows
  • Easily track applicants throughout the onboarding process
  • Internal task assignment and tracking
  • Automated reminders and escalations
  • Great new hire experience!
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Simple Form Design for Easy Data Collection

AcquireTM’s OPENdoor uses a simple form design for data collection. These simple forms make it easy for the new hire to quickly provide the specific information necessary to complete the onboarding document. Forms are automatically pre-populated with information that is already part of the applicant’s profile. Enter once, populate many. Upon completion, the form populates the onboarding document and presents it to the new hire for review and e-signature.

  • Simple Forms make data entry quick and easy
  • Enter once populate many
  • Review and e-sign onboarding document
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Managing e-Forms and Documents Over The Web

Electronically manage forms and documents.  AcquireTM’s OPENdoor onboarding software can take all of your existing forms, documents and onboarding paperwork, and bring it online! New hires see only the forms and documents relevant to them, based on location, job code/requisition or position. New hires can quickly complete and sign the necessary paperwork, HR and hiring managers can review and approve these documents quickly through a simple intuitive Web interface.

In addition to standard forms, like W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit and state specific tax forms, AcquireTM’s OPENdoor easily lets you add any additional company specific forms and documents. For example, company policy’s, benefits and Insurance, background screening authorization, to name a few. Any form that you are currently collecting as part of your onboarding, can be set up as an e-form.

  • Electronically manage forms and documents, like I-9 and W-4
  • Easily add company specific forms and e-documents
  • Manage e-signatures
  • Documents automatically saved in the employee record
  • View, print or share documents and forms as needed
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Collecting e-Signatures

OPENdoor allows new hires to quickly complete and e-sign the necessary paperwork and forms. Including W-4 and I-9 forms. Any form that requires a signature, can be set up to e-sign. All of the necessary documents and forms, along with signatures, are saved digitally in the employee’s record and are easily available for retrieval. They can be viewed, shared, and printed. They can also be sent to your HRIS or payroll provider, by using AcquireTM’s API (Application Programming Interface) to set up system integration.

  • Collect e-signature
  • Simple data collection forms, make easy for New Hires
  • Maintain completed document history
  • Completed legal binding documents on line
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Definable Onboarding Steps and Automated Workflows

OPENdoor lets you define and automate your onboarding process. With the click of a mouse onboarding for a new employee is started. AcquireTM OPENdoor can send out a welcome email to your new hires with instructions to login to your employee portal. From the portal they can easily review and complete any of the necessary forms, paperwork and tasks needed to support your onboarding process. At the same time, OPENdoor can be sending a internal task assignment to your IT department.  Providing them the appropriate new hire information they need to get logins and email accounts set up and ready to go for your new employee.

There are no limits to the number of workflows and new hire steps that can be set up. Different workflows can be setup for different employee onboarding needs, and based upon the different types of positions you hire for. For example, Exempt vs. Non-exempt positions  may have different on boarding requirements that need to be supported.

Behind the scene AcquireTM’s OPENdoor’s workflow automation engine simplifies and automates the employee onboarding process.

  • User definable workflows based on your onboarding processes
  • Selectable onboarding packages and workflows
  • Create dependencies that initiate next steps based upon completed actions
  • Automatically create reminders and escalations
  • Manually initiate or re-issue an onboarding form or action
  • Unlimited number of employee onboarding stages can be defined

New Hire Onboarding Web Portal

First impressions can mean everything. So get you new employee started right, right from the start. AcquireTM’s OPENdoor employee onboarding software, provides new hires with a secure on line Web portal where they can review and complete any of the necessary new hire forms and paper work, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Responsive design and mobile optimized
  • Create a consistent onboarding process and new hire friendly onboarding experience
  • New employees can complete all of the necessary forms and documents
  • Access forms anywhere, any time of day
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Employee Onboarding Teamwork

AcquireTM understands hiring is a team effort and OPENdoor makes it easy to manage employee onboarding across the entire organization. HR can create tasks as part of the onboarding workflow that can be assigned to individuals or departments. For example, having purchasing order equipment, or having IT get their login and email set up, or perhaps assigning a mentor that can reach out to the new employee, on the day they get started.

The designated task assignee receives all of the information they need to accomplish their task in the email notification they receive. Once the task is complete, they click on the link in the original email, and they’re done! The task is updated in your onboarding check list, date time stamped, so you’re assured that the action is complete.  All the information that a designated assignee needs to manage their role in the onboarding process, is available to them without the need to login, learn navigate, or manage software. This makes the process easy and intuitive for others who may not be a part of HR, and removes barriers that may make it more difficult for others to use the system effectively.

  • Assign and automate tasks to individuals or departments
  • Tasks are easily managed via email
  • Track via onboarding check list
  • Create reminders and escalations
  • Completed tasks are date and time stamped as they are completed by assignee

AcquireTM Integrations

AcquireTM’s API (Application Programming Interface) and Web Services can make it easy to set up integration with other systems. For example, 3rd party payroll providers, HRIS or ERP, or other systems that may be in place.

This integration can be as simple as creating the appropriate data export file that can then be imported, or real-time bi-directional integration that can support actively moving data back and forth as needed based upon a set of defined actions or parameters.

  • API (Application Program Interface)
  • Reduce data error and duplicate entry
  • Automatically move information between systems

AcquireTM, A Complete Talent Acquisition & Hiring Management Solution

AcquireTM is a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking software and hiring management solution. AcquireTM simplifies the recruiting and hiring process by giving every member of the hiring team access to the information that they need to make informed hiring decisions. Take control of your hiring process with AcquireTM.

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What our customers are saying.

  • AcquireTM is a great system that’s been easy to learn and use. Josh with Customer Support has been very helpful and quick to respond whenever we have a question. I would definitely recommend it!

    Angela from UBB
  • It is very intuitive and simple, yet it performs the function we need it to perform.We spent our time evaluating a number ofsystems, and Acquire TM met our needs. Any functional suggestions that we make seem to be easily accommodated.

    The implementation of the software went very smoothly as well. We recently changed our website. Again, this was a very easy process made even more seamless by working with the Acquire technical staff.

    The customer service is amazing. Any changes we need to the system are done almost immediately. Their development team is extremely agile and customer-focused. We definitely picked the right vendor.

    Lisa from Lightstream Resources
  • AcquireTM is very easy to use product, It’s very user-friendly. We use it on a daily basis and route resumes to hiring managers. It is easy for them to use as well. We were able to start using the product quickly. Customer Support did a great job setting us up for success. It’s easy and quick to start. The implementation team does a wonderful job getting the system up and running quickly.

    Becky from Elliott Aviation
  • It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate, for both the applicant and the company.

    It has met our needs perfectly. We were looking for a quick solution, and AcquireTM got us up and running immediately. With over 600 employees and numerous growth opportunities, as well as seasonal work openings, it has met our needs.

    If you are looking for an easy-to-navigate and affordable electronic application system, I would highly recommend Acquire TM. It has been a savior for our company, and because applicants no longer have to apply in person or submit resumes via USPS, our applicant pool has increased dramatically.

    Dr. Dale from Sandridge Food Corporation
  • We have been very pleased with Acquire’s actions to stay current with the most recent changes in OFCCP compliance BTW.  Nice job to the whole team there!

    Jodi from Perry’s Ice Cream
  • AcquireTM has been easy to use, easy to set up and lots of support. From the inquiry, to the sale, to the implementation, everything was super easy.

    We love it using it, so there is nothing much we dislike. Everything has been great. What we like least is that we didn’t purchase it sooner.

    If you’re considering applicant solutions, make sure the implementation team understands your process and them let them create the perfect process for you. Easy Peasy!


    Janice from Swope Health Services