Talent Acquisition

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Designed for small & mid-size companies AcquireTM is the ideal Web based solution for organizations that want an easy-to-use talent acquisition and applicant tracking system.  AcquireTM is a simple, yet powerful solution, that gives you the tools to take control of your recruiting and hiring process.  Create a positive applicant and new hire experience, improve recruitment cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, reduce paperwork and time spent hiring, all while having greater access to key metrics and analytics.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking For HR and Corporate Recruiters

AcquireTM  a complete online web-based Applicant Tracking System and Hiring Management Solution.

Applicant Tracking

AcquireTM applicant tracking software easily collects candidate information electronically through the Career Center, then organizes that data as part of the applicant tracking system. Organize all the applicant data, including resumes, applications, assessments and screenings questions, notes, emails and activity history, into a single, applicant record that is available to HR and Corporate Recruiters over the Web anytime from anywhere.

Branded Career Center

AcquireTM’s applicant tracking software includes an fully integrated Career Center that lets you present your hiring brand your way.  AcquireTM’s Career Center is seamlessly integrated into your existing Corporate Website giving you a professional destination that welcomes potential candidates and expresses your unique corporate culture.

Social Media Integration

AcquireTM supports all of your recruiting social media efforts. With integration with social networking leaders like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, managing the social aspect of your hiring gets a whole lot easier.

Video Interviewing

AcquireTM’s direct integration with Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, makes it easy to screen, view, rate, and share video interviews; making the interview process, faster, easier and more effective. Conduct video interviewing and connect with candidates at any time and from any location. Save time and money and find the best candidate for the job.

Job Posting

AcquireTM applicant tracking system lets you publish your jobs with the click of the mouse. Create your posting on the fly or select from a library of saved job descriptions and post them up to your Career Center and both free and paid job boards like Monster, Indeed and Career Builder.

Requisition Management

Easily manage the Job Requisition from initial request and approval to applicant hire.  AcquireTM applicant tracking software tracks and manages all of the job requisition processes, whether they’re from a department down the hall or multiple departments across the country.

Automated Requisition Approval

AcquireTM manages the job requisition approval process automatically, whether it requires a single approval or a multi-stage, multi-approver process. AcquireTM’s dynamic workflow automation technology easily routes, tracks and keeps you informed about the approval process, ensuring that all the right people have reviewed and signed off.

Reporting and Compliance

AcquireTM’s reports keep you informed and helps you meet your compliance goals. As part of AcquireTM’s reporting, we generate comprehensive reports allowing you to easily see what’s going on in your hiring process. AcquireTM also includes all the required information to produce the necessary reports outlined in the EEOC and OFCCP regulations and support your AAP initiatives.



Paperless Onboarding Simplifies the New Hire Process.

AcquireTM’s OPENdoor completes the hiring process by easily managing the new hire onboarding process.

Electronically Manage Documents and Forms

AcquireTM’s OPENdoor onboarding software can take all of your existing forms and documents and bring them online! New hires see only the forms and documents relevant to them, based on location, job code/requisition and/or position they’ve applied to. New hires can quickly complete and sign the necessary paperwork. HR and hiring managers can review and approve these documents quickly through a simple and intuitive Web interface.

Collect e-signatures

OPENdoor allows new hires to quickly complete and e-sign the necessary paperwork and forms. Any form that requires a signature can be set up to e-sign, including W-4s and I-9s. All of the necessary documents and forms, along with signatures, are saved digitally and are easily available for retrieval and review.  Documents can also be printed out, allowing them to be stored offline or mailed,

Create Online Company Forms

In addition to standard forms like W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit and state specific tax forms, AcquireTM’s OPENdoor easily lets you add any additional company specific forms and documents. For example: Company Policy’s, Benefits and Insurance, and Background Screening Authorizations forms can be added, to name a few. Any form that you are currently collecting as part of your on boarding can be set up as an e-form.

Automated Workflow and Onboarding Stages

OPENdoor lets you automate your onboarding process. With the click of a mouse, you can send out a “welcome” email to your new hires.  Email templates all user definable and can provide custom greetings and appropriate instructions for accessing the employee portal. Here, new hires  can easily review and complete any of the necessary forms, paperwork and tasks needed to get started. Additionally, as part of the process, AcquireTM can be sending  internal task assignment, for example to your  IT department, sending them the new appropriate hire information so they can get logins and email accounts set up and ready to go.

There are no limits to the number of workflows and new hire steps that can be set up. Different workflows can be setup for different onboarding needs based upon the different types of positions you hire for.

Behind the scene AcquireTM’s OPENdoor’s workflow automation engine simplifies and automates the onboarding process.

Interdepartmental Task Management

OPENdoor gives you the tools to manage and track all of the necessary internal tasks that need to be in place to get your new hire set up and ready to go.

For example, assigning a task to your IT department, OPENdoor can automatically send the necessary new hire information to IT via email so they can get logins and email accounts set up and ready to go. Once the task is completed IT simply clicks on link within the initial email they revived and the task is updated as complete. So everything is tracked from beginning to end.

Integrated New-Hire Portal

OPENdoor provides new hires with a secure on line Web portal where they can review and complete any of the necessary new hire forms and paper work, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Background Screening

Seamless, Fully Integrated Background Screening.

Integrated background screening and drug testing lets you manage those services right out of AcquireTM.

Seamless Integration

From within the applicant record, simply select the background screening service you need and our integration manages the rest. That’s it! When the background screening results are available you’re automatically notified and the results are available for review directly from the applicants record. Everything in between, releases, authorization, and the screening itself are all tracked and managed automatically between AcquireTM and our partners.

No Paper / No Delays

From within the applicant record, simply select the background screening service you need. Your applicant automatically receives an email taking them to a secured Web portal. Here applicants can provide any of the requisite information needed. Through the portal, applicants will e-sign all required consent forms and notices.

Full Service Background Screening

Our Partners provide a complete range of background screening that include, identity and credit, SSN, Criminal, including multi state/multi jurisdiction and Federal, driving and DOT, Sex Offender Registry, job and reference verification.

Drug Screening

Drug Screening Program services features online collection site selection by the applicant and e-Chain electronic paperless chain of custody using a network of certified laboratories and nearly 10,000 collection sites throughout the United States. Services include common 5 Panel and 10 Panel Drug Screens, DOT Panel, Healthcare Panel, instant testing, Medical Review Officer (MRO), pre-employment, testing, post-accident testing, and random testing.


Results you can trust. Our background screening partners deliver accurate results improving candidate selection. Only primary sources of information are utilized, unverified third-party data is never relied upon.


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What our customers are saying.

  • AcquireTM has been easy to use, easy to set up and lots of support. From the inquiry, to the sale, to the implementation, everything was super easy.

    We love it using it, so there is nothing much we dislike. Everything has been great. What we like least is that we didn’t purchase it sooner.

    If you’re considering applicant solutions, make sure the implementation team understands your process and them let them create the perfect process for you. Easy Peasy!


    Janice from Swope Health Services
  • AcquireTM is very easy to use product, It’s very user-friendly. We use it on a daily basis and route resumes to hiring managers. It is easy for them to use as well. We were able to start using the product quickly. Customer Support did a great job setting us up for success. It’s easy and quick to start. The implementation team does a wonderful job getting the system up and running quickly.

    Becky from Elliott Aviation
  • We have been very pleased with Acquire’s actions to stay current with the most recent changes in OFCCP compliance BTW.  Nice job to the whole team there!

    Jodi from Perry’s Ice Cream
  • AcquireTM is a great system that’s been easy to learn and use. Josh with Customer Support has been very helpful and quick to respond whenever we have a question. I would definitely recommend it!

    Angela from UBB
  • It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate, for both the applicant and the company.

    It has met our needs perfectly. We were looking for a quick solution, and AcquireTM got us up and running immediately. With over 600 employees and numerous growth opportunities, as well as seasonal work openings, it has met our needs.

    If you are looking for an easy-to-navigate and affordable electronic application system, I would highly recommend Acquire TM. It has been a savior for our company, and because applicants no longer have to apply in person or submit resumes via USPS, our applicant pool has increased dramatically.

    Dr. Dale from Sandridge Food Corporation
  • It is very intuitive and simple, yet it performs the function we need it to perform.We spent our time evaluating a number ofsystems, and Acquire TM met our needs. Any functional suggestions that we make seem to be easily accommodated.

    The implementation of the software went very smoothly as well. We recently changed our website. Again, this was a very easy process made even more seamless by working with the Acquire technical staff.

    The customer service is amazing. Any changes we need to the system are done almost immediately. Their development team is extremely agile and customer-focused. We definitely picked the right vendor.

    Lisa from Lightstream Resources

Improve Your Hiring Process

Reduce Time-To-Hire 60%
Improve Hiring Efficiency 80%
Reduce Hiring Costs 55%

AcquireTM, A Complete Talent Acquisition & Hiring Management Solution

AcquireTM is a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking software and hiring management solution. AcquireTM simplifies the recruiting and hiring process by giving every member of the hiring team access to the information that they need to make informed hiring decisions. Take control of your hiring process with AcquireTM.