“Going Green”, you hear it everywhere. It’s great, we’re becoming more aware of how and what we do impacts the environment around us. Everybody doing a little bit can go a long way.

Business too is taking up the “Going Green” banner and is changing things that they do. From the largest corporations on down to the small local businesses in your neighborhood, each is taking steps to change old and outdated ways and processes. Things like changing to renewable forms of energy, recycling, and of course, implementing technologies that allow them to do more with less.

What’s really great about this is, not only are they helping the environment, in a lot of cases, these same steps are adding to the bottom line. It’s a win win.

Applicant tracking software is a great example of a technology that can helps businesses “Go Green” and pad the bottom line.

A good applicant tracking system eliminates the stacks of paper that can clog up the applicant tracking and hiring process. Now, with online career centers and applicant portals to manage incoming information and web based ATS (applicant tracking software) systems to manage and share this information internally, the applicant tracking and hiring process can go electronic. This brings an end to the reams of paper that get shuffled from desk to desk to eventually be filed or thrown out. A well designed applicant tracking system essentially makes the job of talent acquisition a paperless process. And, as a result the hiring process becomes more efficient, providing a savings of both time and money.

So I say, “Go Green” it can be more than just a “feel-good” business practice; it can also be a smart business strategy.

Applicant Tracking Software Helps Companies Go Green

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