AcquireTM, Applicant Tracking With Quantifiable Results

Managing Applicant Information

AcquireTM easily collects candidate information electronically during the hiring process. It then organizes that data within the applicant tracking system. AcquireTM creates an applicant profile that’s easy to read and easy to distribute to others involved in the hiring process. Organize all the applicant data, including resumes, applications, assessments and screenings, background checks, activities, notes and email correspondence, into a single applicant record that is available over the Web, anytime, from anywhere.

Easily move applicants through hire steps and workflows that are defined around your processes. Automate email follow ups and applicant notifications. Share applicant information, capture feed back, and improve hiring collaboration.

Build a fully searchable talent pool, where you can search on practically anything that makes up the applicant record.

  • Complete applicant profile
  • User defined hiring steps and workflows
  • Filter applicant lists by job and hiring step
  • Flag applicants for group actions, like email, status update, submission or rejection
  • Notes, email, history and activity tracking
  • Paperless applicant management
  • Easily collaborate with others throughout the hiring process
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Job Requisition Management

Easily manage the Job Requisition, from initial request and approval, to posting out to the Web. AcquireTM talent acquisition software tracks and manages all the job requisition processes, whether they’re from a department down the hall or multiple departments across the country.

Creating a job requisition in AcquireTM is easy. You can select postings and requisition templates from a stored library. You can copy or clone active or previously closed requisitions and postings, setting up a complete requisition with the click of a mouse.

AcquireTM manages the job requisition approval process automatically, whether it require a single approval or a multi-stage, multi-approver process. AcquireTM easily routes, tracks, and keeps you informed about the approval process, ensuring that all the right people have signed off.

Once you’ve created the requisition, AcquireTM makes it easy to post you positions out to your Career Center and third party job boards without the need to get IT involved. Create, post, update, delete, all through one intuitive interface.

AcquireTM lets you set specific screening questions for each position you hire for. Automatically qualifying potential candidates and saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent ruling out under qualified applicants.

  • Requisition Templates and job posting library
  • Automated requisition approval routing
  • Copy/Clone requisitions
  • Position specific screening and screening questions library
  • Job posting syndication
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Job Posting Syndication

When it comes to posting your jobs out to the Web, it couldn’t be easier. AcquireTM lets you publish your job postings directly out of AcquireTM. From within the requisition select the sources you want to post to, like Indeed, Monster, Career Builder to name a few, and click add.  When you’re done click save and post. AcquireTM has direct integration with all of the best sites making it easy to get your job postings out there.

Manage your social media posting through AcquireTM as well. Share your posting out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For each source that you use, AcquireTM creates a unique identity with our “LinkIt” tool, allowing you to automatically capture where your applicants are coming from. AcquireTM includes great sourcing tracking reports that break it all down. Manage your postings much like you would manage a marketing campaign. Track the source, budgets and costs, and important metrics, from initial response, on through to quality of hire. Use the information to determine which venues are giving you the best value for your posting dollar.

AcquireTM lets you create posting on the fly or select from a library of saved job descriptions. Once created, a button click can post them up to your Career Center and third party job boards.

  • Job posting to sites like Monster, Indeed and Career Builder
  • Posting source tracking & metrics
  • Social media posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Job description library
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Recruiting CRM (Candidate Relationship Management)

As a corporate recruiter you need an easy way to manage candidate relationships. AcquireTM’s applicant tracking system and recruiting software makes the job of corporate recruiting easier. AcquireTM includes recruiting CRM (candidate relationship management) capabilities, giving corporate recruiters the tools they need to source and nurture the relationships of potential talent.

AcquireTM helps you find, connect, and stay connected with passive candidates that might not find you. With new channels of communication and what seems to be an endless list of new social Website, connecting with people has never been easier. But creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with prospective candidates is still challenging.

With AcquireTM applicant tracking software and recruiting CRM, activity management, keeping notes, identifying top candidates, grouping and live search, become key features that can make prospecting for top talent an integral part of HR’s hiring efforts.

AcquireTM easily tracks activities, phone calls, tasks, appointments and requisitions, so recruiters can maintain a complete history of activities. Maintain unlimited notes to help manage potential candidate relationships. Capture people’s goals and ambitions, track people’s movements and professional relationships.

Build a fully searchable talent pool, where you can search on practically anything that makes up the applicant record. Boolean requests, along with full index searching, provide a powerful search tool that lets you search on all of the resume text, notes that are made, emails and activity history.

  • Candidate Relationship Management
  • Complete applicant profile
  • Notes, email, and activity history
  • Email & Calendar integration
  • Resume parsing
  • Searchable talent pool
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Fully Branded Career Center

First impressions can mean everything. AcquireTM Professional applicant tracking software includes an integrated Career Center that lets you present your hiring brand your way. AcquireTM’s Career Center is seamlessly integrated into your existing Corporate Website giving you a professional destination that welcomes potential candidates and expresses your unique corporate culture.

AcquireTM’s Career Center is mobility optimized and Responsive, meaning applications can review and apply to your positions across any device, Smart phone and tablets included!

AcquireTM applicant tracking system’s Career Center puts you in control of the applicant experience. Collect as much or as little information as you need as part of your process; with customizable applications and screening questions. AcquireTM’s Career Center offers applicant an easy to use, intuitive interface that gets them quickly through the process online. Manage both internal and external applicants, each with their own applicant and process.

The Career Center is an effective way of introducing your hiring brand, and attracting new talent to your applicant pool with little or no effort. No need to store applicants resume in your email folders, The Career Center provides a single location were applicants can submit their resumes, fill out online applications and more.

  • Responsive design and mobile optimized
  • Integrated and fully branded
  • Create a consistent application process and candidate-friendly application experience
  • Effectively collect voluntary EEOC compliance data
  • Position specific screening questions
  • Applicant self-service capabilities
  • Manage both internal and external applicants
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Hiring Teamwork

AcquireTM understands hiring is a team effort. We make it easy for Hiring Managers and others to be part of the hiring process. For example, HR can give Hiring Managers the option to initiate the job requisition from a simple intuitive interface, where they can select job descriptions from a stored library of templates and/or previous job postings. Once created, job requisitions are automatically submitted for approval and then on to HR for posting.

As applicants start coming in, HR can share applicant information with hiring managers and others, who can easily review the applicant’s information, and submit feedback. Hiring Manager specific workflow’s and workflow automation streamlines the process, making it easy even for those Hiring Mangers that don’t want to be bothered.

All the information that the Hiring Manager may need to manger their role in the hiring process, can be available to them without the need for them to even to log directly into AcquireTM! This makes the process easy and intuitive for the Hiring Manager and removes the barriers that can prevent Hiring Managers from using the applicant tracking system effectively.

  • Initiate the job requisition and submit for approval
  • Review resumes, applications & applicant profiles
  • Easily approve or remove candidates
  • Coordinate interview scheduling
  • Add comments and notes
  • Collaborate throughout the hiring process

Extend Your Reach With Social Media

AcquireTM supports all of your recruiting social media efforts. With direct integration with social networking leaders like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you can post your jobs and expand your reach.

Automate referral and social recruiting communication for quick, viral reach. Make position announcements to Employees. Employees can easily share and forward across their social networks in support of your hiring initiatives.

AcquireTM’s built-in tools encourage and make the management of social recruiting initiatives that much easier.

  • Social media integration with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Track social media employee referrals
  • Employees and applicants can easily share job opportunities throughout their social networks
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Video Interviewing

AcquireTM’s direct integration with Spark Hire’s  video interviewing platform, makes it easy to screen, view, rate, and share video interviews; making the interview process, faster, easier and more effective. Conduct video interviewing and connect with candidates at any time and from any location. Save time and money and find the best candidate for the job.

Video interviewing gives you the opportunity to see and hear candidates. Lets candidates share who they are, demonstrate their talents, and answer questions you pose.

With video screening and interviewing you gain a deeper insight into personalities and abilities. You are able to make a more informed decision based on qualitative data that may not be apparent on a candidate’s resume, or gleaned during a phone conversation.

A video interview gives you a complete view of a potential candidate, giving you the ability to make better hiring decisions, faster.

  • Eliminate phone screening
  • Standardize questions across interviews
  • Recorded Video can help improve compliance
  • Quicker, better candidate experience
  • Assess candidates in less time
  • Improve hiring efficiency
  • Evaluate nonverbal communication
  • Reduce interview scheduling confilts

Employee Referrals

Encouraging employee referrals is something that every company should engage in. It’s a widely accepted fact that referred employees typically have higher retention rates, and can increase employee engagement in their company. With that in mind, AcquireTM, includes tools that support your referral programs. Including, automating the publishing of jobs to social networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Tracking social recruiting referrals, automating the announcement of new positions to employees, and allowing employees to easily share job information across their social networks.

  • Social network integration, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Automation of announcements of new positions to employees
  • Job information accessible via Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Employees can share job information across their social networks
  • Source tracking of employee referrals

Reporting and Analysis

Keeping track of your hiring efforts and staying compliant are both important factors of any HR department. Being able to quickly see things like, how long did it take fill that last position, what are my best sources of referrals. What job boards produce the best results and what kind of activities did your team perform last week?

Collecting EEOC information and reporting on reasons for non-selection. Maintaining applicant flow logs, hire/offer logs, and tracking adverse impact, ensure you have the necessary information to support your AAP initiatives and stay EEOC/OFCCP compliant.

All reports are generated in real-time, and can be sliced and diced by a number of different criteria, like date range, requisition and recruiter for example. Reports can easily be exported out to Microsoft Word and Excel, also to PDF, making it easy to share report information with others.

  • A complement of standard reports
  • EEOC/OFCCP compliance
  • Custom adhoc reports
  • Export reports to Word, Excel and PDF
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SmartApplicant Tracking

At AcquireTM we firmly believe that software should do more than just house and display data well. Software needs to be smart enough to know what do with the information that it stores. Business process management and workflow automation are a vital part of what makes AcquireTM different. We’ve incorporated workflow automation technology and designed AcquireTM from a workflow driven approach. You know what needs to be done. Why not use an applicant tracking system that knows as well? Using “industry best practices”’ AcquireTM provides definable actions and automated workflows that allow AcquireTM to move an application through a process that you define.

AcquireTM talent acquisition and applicant tracking software is constantly monitoring the data that’s in the system. It looks for what has changed. For example, have new applicants applied? The system automatically replies with a thank you letter and will send you a notification that you have new applicants to review. A job requisition request has been made, AcquireTM will automatically route the request to the appropriate approvers and notify HR along the way of its progress and status. Are we closing in on a hiring deadline and need to be alerted? AcquireTM recognizes what needs to be done next based on the rules that are defined and presents that information to you as an action item or takes action directly. This allows you to be proactive instead of re-active.

  • User definable workflows
  • Workflow automation
  • Business process management

The Dashboard, Your Window Into AcquireTM

AcquireTM’s dashboard provides users with information at a glance. See new applicants that apply, applicants in their various hiring stages and job posting activity. Drill into the information that’s displayed and take action all from your Dashboard. AcquireTM’s dashboard is your window into the information and actions the need to be taken to move the hiring process forward.

  • Unique views based on user type and login
  • Applicant pipeline
  • Applicant status
  • Job post status
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Email and Calendar Integration

AcquireTM offers applicant tracking software complete with email integration. No more having to go back through folders and old email history. As you correspond with applicants, even when using your company email, all of that correspondence is copied and stored back in the applicant’s profile. Email integration couldn’t be easier, no buttons to click or folders to drag and drop, no more cutting and pasting. AcquireTM lets you send or receive emails and have them automatically copied into the related applicant record in AcquireTM, there’s nothing you need to do.

AcquireTM also integrates with both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar for Calendaring. Calendars can be checked, appointments can be scheduled, and meeting invitations sent to the appropriate parties (HR, Applicant and Hiring Manager) for acceptance, all without having to leave AcquireTM.

  • Email integration captures both sent and received emails
  • View all of your email correspondence in the applicant record
  • Integration with Outlook and Google calendars
  • Send interview requests and invitations
  • Coordinate calendars with others

Searching Your Talent Pool

What good is your data if you can’t easily find what you’re looking for? With AcquireTM that will never be a problem. Our Advance Search lets you search an applicant’s profile using the information that’s important to you.  Using Boolean logic you can search all of the resume text, notes, applications and  screening questions, along with activity history.  Make your search as detailed as you need it to be and AcquireTM will deliver the results.

  • Full index searching
  • Search via keywords with Boolean Logic
  • Search resumes, applications, notes and activity history
  • Build a searchable talent pool
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Cloud Based SaaS

AcquireTM is easy to get started. There’s no software to buy and no additional computer hardware required. Access AcquireTM over any Web enabled device with an internet connection, anytime, anywhere. AcquireTM is offered, on-demand, over the Web. No need to worry about software purchases, installations or costly IT services. With AcquireTM all you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

Since AcquireTM is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) you’ll have a flat manageable monthly fee with no costly maintenance fees and no additional IT costs.

You will always have the most up to date applicant tracking software every time you login to the system. We manage all of the updates on our end ensuring that you have the latest features and upgrades automatically.

On-demand Software is fast, cost-effective and secure. It offers the greatest flexibility at the lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Available anytime from anywhere
  • Web-based SaaS
  • No software to purchase and maintain
  • No IT costs
  • Always on the newest version
  • No additional computer hardware required

AcquireTM, A Complete Talent Acquisition & Hiring Management Solution

AcquireTM is a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking software and hiring management solution. AcquireTM simplifies the recruiting and hiring process by giving every member of the hiring team access to the information that they need to make informed hiring decisions. Take control of your hiring process with AcquireTM.

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