No Paper / No Delays

Integrated background screening and drug testing

With AcquireTM you can select the background screening services you need and our integration with our background screening partners manages the rest. That’s it! When the background screening results are available you’re automatically notified and the results are available for review directly from the applicants record.

  • Improved process efficiency and compliance
  • Dependable results
  • Seamlessly integrated as part of your hiring process
  • Reduced administration and costs
  • Simplify background screening for all participants involved
  • Ensures data accuracy and helps eliminate errors

Results You Can Trust

Our background screening partners deliver accurate results improving candidate selection. Only primary sources of information are utilized, unverified third-party data is never relied upon. All work is performed here in the U.S., your data is never sent off-shore, ensuring sensitive Personally Identifiable Information is safe and secure.

A Complete Solution

Our Partners provide a complete range of background screening that include, identity and credit, SSN, Criminal, including multi state/multi jurisdiction and Federal, driving and DOT, Sex Offender Registry, job and reference verification, as well as drug screening.

No Paper / No Delays

From within the applicant record, simply select the background screening service you need. Your applicant automatically receives an email taking them to a secured Web portal. Here applicants can provide any of the requisite information needed. Through the portal, applicants will e-sign all required consent forms and notices.

Affordable Hiring Solutions


Why do thousands of people just like you use AcquireTM everyday?

  1. Easy to use and set up

  2. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized companies

  3. Dedicated customer support

  4. Month-to-month subscriptions with no long term contracts

What our customers are saying.

AcquireTM, a complete hiring solution for Small & Mid-sized companies.

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AcquireTM, A Complete Talent Acquisition & Hiring Management Solution

AcquireTM is a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking software and hiring management solution. AcquireTM simplifies the recruiting and hiring process by giving every member of the hiring team access to the information that they need to make informed hiring decisions. Take control of your hiring process with AcquireTM.