Paperless OnBoarding

Simplify the employee new hire process

Seamlessly integrates with our applicant tracking, AcquireTM’s OPENdoor employee onboarding, initiates an efficient and positive new employee onboarding experience; giving new employees the materials and resources they need to be productive faster. OPENdoor is easy set up and our workflow automation makes the tracking, coordinating and execution of the onboarding process smooth and easy.

  • Improved process efficiency and compliance
  • Better employee engagement and retention
  • Faster time to contribution
  • Reduce onboarding administration and Costs
  • Simplify onboarding management for all participants involved
  • Eliminate duplicate error data entry
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New Hire Web Portal

OPENdoor provides new hires with a secure on line Web portal where they can review and complete any of the necessary new hire forms and paper work, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Allows new hire to get the administrative tasks out of the way and be ready for work on day one.



Collect e-signatures, OPENdoor allows new hires to quickly complete and e-sign the necessary paperwork and forms, Including W-4 and I-9′s forms, Any form that requires a signature, can be set up to e-sign. All of the necessary documents and forms, along with signatures, are saved digitally and are easily available for retrieval and review. Documents can also be printed out allowing them to be stored or mailed.


Electronically Manage Documents & Forms

AcquireTM OPENdoor includes standard forms, like W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit and state specific tax forms. With OPENdoor you can easily add any additional company specific forms and documents. For example, Company Policy’s, Benefits and Insurance, Background screening authorization, to name a few. Any form that you are currently collecting as part of your onboarding, can be set up as an e-form.

Quick and Easy

Starting your onboarding process can be as simple as clicking a button. Your pre-defined work flows and rules handle the rest. New hires are notified and can quickly review and complete all the necessary paperwork. Forms like W-4, benefit enrollment, I-9’s company policies, etc., available online. Hiring managers and HR staff can review and approve these documents over the Web. Ensuring that new employees get established quickly and that no steps are missed.

Definable Workflows & Rules

Create as many onboarding steps, documents and forms as you need. Create different onboarding packages based upon the different positions you hire for. New hires see only the forms, policies and benefits relevant to them based on location, position and more. OPENdoor’s workflow automation makes it easy!

Great New Hire Experience

OPENdoor employee onboarding makes it easy for new hires to access all of the necessary information they need to get started successfully, on day one. Connecting new hires to the right content and people inside your company, ensures your new hire knows what to expect and what’s expected of them. Intuitive on line forms allow new hires to enter information once and populate many, letting new hires complete paper more quickly.

Affordable Hiring Solutions


Why do hundreds of small and mid-sized companies just like yours use AcquireTM everyday?

  1. Easy to use and set up;

  2. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized companies;

  3. Dedicated customer support.

  4. Month-to-month subscriptions with no long term contracts.

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Take the guess work out of your next hire with integrated Background Screening.

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