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The success of your business depends on assembling a great team. And sometimes, relying solely on traditional application methods to get to know your candidate, doesn’t result in the best outcome. It can be nearly impossible to identify an applicant’s skills or personality with just a resume or application, and hiring the wrong person can cost thousands of dollars a year for your organization.

With Wonscore form Wonderlic, access to a powerfully simple “single score” result for any job candidate. Wonscore, a cloud-based, self-service pre-employment testing platform designed for small and growing businesses.

Drawing on decades of research, Wonderlic developed candidate profiles for more than 900 jobs across all major industries. With WonScore, just select the job description and attributes that best match your open position. Then evaluate applicants based on benchmarks that are tailored to the position you’re filling.

Identifying Applicants With Wonscore!

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Why Use Pre-Employment Testing For Your Next Hire?

  • Identify Top Talent Early:

    The best candidates stand out from the rest immediately, allowing you to hire them before the competition.

  • Save Time:

    Eliminate time spent with unqualified candidates – Mountains of resumes take time to sort and review and screening up front quickly stack-ranks candidates.

  • Reduce Turnover/Increase Employee Retention:

    Eliminate time spent with unqualified candidates – Mountains of resumes take time to sort and review and screening up front quickly stack-ranks candidates.

  • Increase Productivity:

    When the right people are in the right seats, highly productive teams can flourish.
    Add legal defensibility: Testing brings objectivity to the process and is more defensible than an interview.

AcquireTM and Wonscore!

Discover a Simpler, Faster Way to Hire Better Employees

AcquireTM has designed our integration with Wonscore to keeps things simple. Recruiters and hiring managers can simply turn on an assessment from within a new or existing job posting, directly in AcquireTM. Behind the scenes, the technology automatically configures an assessment process tailored to each specific job opening. There’s no cumbersome set up process involved. Results are presented as an overall fit to job score right in AcquireTM, allowing HR to quickly hone in on the best candidates.

Applicant tracking and assessments, seamlessly brought together. Try a free trial today and get your next hire’s Wonscore!

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