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Support hours are Monday – Friday 6:00am – 6:00pm Pacific.

You can also reach by phone at 1.800.375.3144 option 2

Working together our Professional Services Team ensures your success.

AcquireTM’s Professional Service Team provides a complete list of services to ensure that you get the results and success you expect from your AcquireTM applicant tracking and hiring management system.

It starts with you and a review of your objectives and business processes. We listen first and foremost to ensure that we have a full and complete understanding of your unique business needs, objectives and goals. As the project plan is defined, your dedicated Professional Service Consultants will share best of breed business practices and industry insight to ensure that when you start using AcquireTM, it is set up correctly, right out of the gate, decreasing your ramp-up time and increasing your productivity.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and support, and to make sure that your implementation of AcquireTM provides the results that you expect.

Customer Support – We’re Here When You Need Us

Our support staff is fully trained and standing by to help you with any technical questions you may have and can provide additional information related to our other services.

We understand how important timely and effective customer support is. You don’t want to wait days to get answers if you have a question or problem. So, in addition to our online support videos and knowledge-base, our experienced support team is standing ready to assist. Each member of our team is an AcquireTM expert so you don’t have to wait, going from one tech support person to another.

AcquireTM’s support team uses a sophisticated support system that tracks all service requests making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our support team is available both by email and phone between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm Pacific.

Set Up In No Time

AcquireTM online applicant tracking software is designed to be easily set up, with out-of-the box features and functionality that meet the specific needs of HR and corporate recruiting. AcquireTM also incorporates a flexible design that can be quickly tailored to accommodate specific recruiting and hiring workflows, customization’s and objectives. AcquireTM’s professional implementation services enable you to be up and going in days, not weeks or months.

At the start an experienced Professional Service Consultant is assigned to work with you to help manage the set up process and to provide dedicated support during and after you are in and using AcquireTM. They are there throughout the entire set up to ensure a quick and seamless transition to AcquireTM’s hiring management and applicant tracking system.

  • “Go Live” quickly
  • Set up tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated support specialist
  • Measurable results

Our implementation methodology is based on years of software deployment success. Our implementations follow a structured process that ensures all the stated objectives get met. Our Professional Service Consultants employ a consultative approach that allows us to identify and evaluate problematic elements and then suggest changes in process or workflows that might benefit from improvement. Our Professional Service Consultants understand the HR industry and when working with staff can convey complex ideas easily with a minimum of “techno speak”.

Our team and our experience, combined with a proven methodology, enables us to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on implementations resulting in a high-quality, rapid deployment. We work with you to make sure that AcquireTM applicant tracking software works for you.

Training That Gets You Up And Going Fast!

To ensure that you maximize the benefits from your ATS software, our service consultants offer you the training you need so you get the most out of your AcquireTM applicant tracking software solution.

You’ll learn by doing, with training curriculum designed for you and your organization’s needs. We don’t just train you on how AcquireTM works, we train you on how to make AcquireTM applicant tracking and hiring management solutions work for you.

Our trainers possess an in-depth knowledge of the AcquireTM application and the HR industry. We apply that understanding as we work with you. Our goal is to make sure that each user is productive and successfully working in AcquireTM.

We offer a variety of training options designed to effectively transfer knowledge and bring your users up to speed quickly. And we make it easy with web and teleconference training sessions, for both groups and individuals.

AcquireTM, A Complete Talent Acquisition & Hiring Management Solution

AcquireTM is a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking software and hiring management solution. AcquireTM simplifies the recruiting and hiring process by giving every member of the hiring team access to the information that they need to make informed hiring decisions. Take control of your hiring process with AcquireTM.